Sunday, December 9, 2012

My savior saved me...again

This is a short and sweet Sunday morning post, just wanted to share a little blessing that is on my heart today.  Last night was night two without husband here so I slept inside in mom and dad's house, I was feeling kind of blah and started watching my little brother Matthew and I just love him so much he's so precious and innocent, but suddenly those sweet thoughts began to turn to worries and scary thoughts about the future and I was starting to feel the tears coming on, I just knew it was satan trying to bring me back to that place.  A place of worry and fear, he was tempting me to give in to all that negativity and waste the precious time I have right now.  I stopped and began to pray and I prayed for awhile.  I asked God to help me see all the things I do have right now, all the time I still have and all the time I've had.  I asked him to please give me some kind of peace about this to take this burden of worry from me, I wanted to give it to him.  Well a series of events began to happen that had me laughing and crawling into bed the threatening, depressing thoughts were almost gone but still bothering me in the back of my mind when suddenly my cell phone rang!  It was my husband, and it was plenty late he should have been asleep but he had just decided to call *my husband does not do that just so you know* he didn't really have anything to say and neither did I but we talked for a bit and then got off the phone, I felt calm and at peace and was ready to go right to sleep.  I didn't feel that way because of my husband but because of the Lord.  I know that little call really came from him, it was my savior saving me from myself all over again.  And I just wanted to write this little blog post and tell the Lord Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul it was just such a reminder that he is constantly with me and hears and sees it all.

Have a Beautiful Sunday


Beth Frazier said...

This is awesome!! Coming up on our first deployment, I face these fears and worry spells all the time. What a great reminder that we just need to turn it all over to god and he will take our worries away <3

Adam & Jasmine Zickefoose said...

That is beautiful Marie. I've been having similar experiences recently, and you really can only explain them through our Savior. But what I am learning more recently is God wants us to come to Him with our worries, in EVERY situation. Even ones that seem so simple. But yet, those are the times when we are most vulnerable, which seems strange, but I've been realizing that it's so true. Love you girl!

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