Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Husband, I am trying to get everything ready for you before you get home so you can have a smooth 3 hour car ride down to your reserve duty after a 9 hour work day.  I feel so bad for you but I'm glad you're coming home to take a nap, eat, and really just to get babied a little bit before you go.  I always miss you so much when you're gone!  And I usually end up sleeping inside which isn't to fun.  I'm going to miss you love.  Dear ft. Lester, you will be getting decorated this weekend it's been driving me nuts waiting to make you all pretty and festive but I had to make sure I had something to look forward to on my birthday!  Dear Christmas play, I cannot wait for you to be over and you were put together a little haphazardly this year so I hope the 200-300 kids we normally get don't notice anything is amiss.  Dear Weather, you are cloudy and foggy and misty, but you aren't cold or rainy I do not like muggy 60 degree days with no sun.  Dear Abby please start moving when daddy touches my belly you little trickster you like to stop as soon as anyone does and the moment they remove their hand you are at it again!

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