Fort Lester

Fort Lester, is our current residence.  And one of the reasons I renamed my blog 'Home is where the heart is' because we'll be working on our little home so much this year!  Ft.Lester sits in the back of my parents property.  It's ours, we bought and paid for it.  And it's going to be our home until we save up money for the house we want!  It's nice being so close to my family, and getting to live on the ranch that I grew up on!  Fort Lester is actually a one room tool shed that has been completely remodeled by my EXTREMELY talented father.  We don't have a bathroom or kitchen, but it's fine because we are so close to the house it all works out. This year, the first year that my husband and I will be living together is going to be spent in our 'Fort' (a not-so-subtle tribute to our Army Days) and it will also be filled with fixing it up and making changes and improvements to it!  It's like practice for when we get our own house (which will most likely be a fixer-upper) I've been living in the Ft. already for about a year and have already done some changes, and I'll be posting frequently about our little home and will most times also post a link directing people back to this page if they're not quite sure what I'm referring to!  So please enjoy some pictures of our little place from the beginning to where it's at today!
this is our lovely fake wood floor lol i love that its fake its SO easy to clean and looks sooo nice!

This is my wonderfully talented daddy! lol putting up sheet rock and getting ready to paint the Ft.
This is the 'Loft' space above our bed it's perfect for storage and we have a lot to store lol!

 from the outside!
The Men folk figuring out the best way to cut a chunk out of the barn doors and install an air conditioner

Painting it barn red, not only because it needed some color but to protect it from the Wintery Weather
Please ignore the air conditioner the still needs to be taken out lol!  This is the Fort as of today! Stay tuned for updates!
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