About Me

Hello!  My name is Marie and I'm 21 yrs old, I've been married for almost 3 yrs to my wonderful husband Stephen.  And I'm currently pregnant with our first baby!  My husband has been in the Army for the last 4yrs and just got to come home in Feb. of 2012 it's amazing to me that this is the longest we've ever spent together and I treasure every minute.  We live on my family's ranch in Northern California, the Powers *my maiden name lol* have lived on this same property since 1947.  We're pretty country out here and I absolutely love it, my husband does as well since he's from the beautiful natural state; Arkansas and the rest of our amazing family is back there.  I'm a stay at home wife *soon to be a SAHM* and I love it.  I don't think there is anything more rewarding!  Something I'm pretty proud of but don't talk about to much is the fact that I was a virgin when my husband and I met and got married, I hope to really instill the same values in my children that my parents did in me, that purity before marriage is an amazing and beautiful thing..oh by the way we're good old fashioned Southern Baptists around here lol.  Currently my husband is looking for a job and debating about school, I guess we'll just have to see where God points us!  We live about 12 feet from my parents and the little house I grew up in *which was built in the 1800's and it's just amazing someday I'll do a post on it* lol we live in a refurbished shed and you can read all about those adventures right here it may be small but it's our home and I know someday when we have our own house we'll look back on these early years with a ridiculous amount of fondness.  I do love living right next to my family though, my mom is my best friend and I've always been a daddy's girl *and funny enough my husband and dad are now pretty much inseparable* and I can honestly say I'll never be able to live to far from my baby brothers...well at 17 & 18 and 6'1 and 6'3 they aren't exactly babies anymore but I'll always think of them like that.  Michael and Matthew are my brothers and they're both autistic, and both at almost complete opposite ends of the spectrum and each of them are the most amazing blessings God could ever have given our family.  I started this blog sometime after my husband's deployment when he was still in Germany.  I'd just deleted facebook *yes I'm anti-facebook now lol* and I supposed I needed some kind of outlet, so Home is where the Heart is was born.  Being a military wife has taught me that home can be anywhere, it's not about what you have or where you live it's the people that really make a place 'home' and now for the first time in our marriage my husband is actually here for us to make our own little house into a home.  And that's pretty much what this blog is, just a big documentation of it all!  Enjoy ... ♥

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