Sunday, December 9, 2012

Questions for Christmas

linking up with the fabulous Jane today for a Christmas type post to hopefully make me a little more Jolly than I have been as of late!

When do you start decorating for Christmas? usually on my birthday *Dec. 8th* we get the tree and that's usually it for mom's house.  This year we're getting the tree almost a week later but mom's house is pretty much decorated in every room and has been since the week after Thanksgiving *I couldn't help myself it's the first year husband is experiencing Christmas with us* and my house will be decorated sometimes this week when I'm feeling better!

Christmas attire, casual or dressy? Definitely Dressy!  I mean it's Christmas!  If there is ever a time to pull out a faux fur collar and put sparkles on everything it's the 25th of December!

Best gift you ever received? OOOOH!  This is super hard...I'm going to say either my wedding ring *we were married on December 24th* or a phone call from my husband in Afghanistan on Christmas wayyy early in the AM *as usual* and just knowing he was safe.

Worst gift you ever received? Well it was actually the same Christmas I got the call from my husband, I had helped my Grandma get gifts for my cousins and she totally forgot about me because she was used to getting us all our stuff at she got me a pack of crappy pens LOL.

Snow, love or hate?  LOVE but that's probably because it doesn't snow where I live or at least not usually so it's still fun and different to me but if it was all the time I think I'd get tired of it.

Favorite Christmas song? Least favorite? My favorite would be Burl Ives singing 'Silver and Gold' my least favorite would be any song on my husband's 'redneck christmas' CD

Best Christmas movie? Worst? ooooh the best would be A White Christmas the worst would be the forgotten toys...just because it was so sad!

Christmas tree, real or fake? always real!

Do you have a favorite ornament? I have a couple actually they're glass and an odd shape and they're red and white striped like a candy cane with a little glitter sprinkled on them!

Family traditions? we always get PJs for christmas eve, my Grandma does a cheap and tacky grab bag on Christmas day and she thinks it's the greatest lol we kids like to have a contest to see who can pick the worst stuff, and my dad gets his family weird dollar store presents for Christmas day there's like 20 of us and we either get silly strong or those glasses with the fake noses and mustaches and then take a pic!

The easiest and hardest people to buy gifts for? Husband is the hardest and my mother is the easiest!

Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas? usually only PJ's from the parents then presents from my mom's parents on Christmas eve, everything else Christmas day!

Clear or colored lights? our tree now is always colored someday I think we'll try clear, if we do any outside lights though they're always clear!

Travel or stay home? the farthest we travel *and I ever want to* is 10miles to my grandparent's so I guess you could say stay home lol!  Actually this year it's all at our house so we are staying home!

Themed or homey decorations? Mom's house is always homey, I decorate Grandma's house in a theme *red* , and our house this year is a theme *silver and gold* I think it'll always depend on the year!

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Jane said...

What a neat tradition getting the tree on your birthday! I can't believe you were married Christmas eve! How romantic! Umm the Redneck Christmas cd sounds like one I'll be skipping! LOL Real trees for life!

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