Thursday, April 12, 2012

After Easter Catching up!

Well Easter weekend has officially came and went now *phew* 

I am sad to say I got no pictures of any Easter egg hunts or Easter baskets at all, but I enjoyed the weekend immensley and that's what matters after all!  So in my last post I went into detail on the fears and concerns with bringing a dish to a family gathering and also the hopes and dreams  
*hopes and dreams may be a little strong but I'm a stay at home wife I take the excitement where I can get it* 
and some of you were wondering what my ' wild card recipe' was so I thought I'd share that along with some photos and a little re-cap of my Easter weekend!  Hope you enjoy ♥

Well Saturday was very busy!  Got up early, got ready and went to family function #1 seeing my cousins Sarah and Becky they come up a couple times a year but this was the first time in quite awhile both their brothers would be there to so family pictures were required Sarah and Becky are my FAVORITE cousins

So In true Spring Fashion here are some Baby shots!  Because you know spring time is ALL about babies!
This little angel is the reason for the Saturday BBQ my cousins adopted her last year in October they were there when she was born and everything!  She is precious!  Her name is Sofia Lea

 And this little cutie pie is my other cousin's daughter Olivia a beautiful mix of Korean, Irish, and Filipino I can't get over how tiny and beautiful she is!  And lets not forget sassy *does anyone else see the cutest dress imaginable?*

Husband and I Easter morning before church!

So now we get to the 'wild card' it was still a dessert and something I've made about two times now and utterly sinful and delicious!  I got the recipe off of another awesome blog here you can go there and see her beautiful pictures and get the amazing recipe!  I added a bit more flour and some extra sugar and cinnamon to mine though.  They're called Cinnamon Roll Muffins and they are AMAZING!!!!!!!  I made 24 all together, and they were ALL gone before we left.  It made me feel REALLY good!  So until the next holiday or family get together no more food freak outs! LOL

What did you do for Easter??

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Erica said...

Awe! It looks like you had such a wonderful Easter!!! I love your pics. I love family time too!!!

p.s. since im new to this blogging things--- how do I get the "followers" on my profile and the link for ppl to follow me?

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