Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quick Prayer Request

First off I realize that cartoon is old but it's about California *where we live and anyway it was just super funny* so my husband has been out of the Army for almost four months now and has been actively looking for a job the entire time...not a lot of luck.  So we don't want to be a huge burden to my parents * we live in Fort Lester we aren't complete bums* and don't want them to start having to pay for everything so he's biting the bullet and signing up for unemployment *and it is killing him* I think he's someone who has earned his right to unemployment 

*He is the non-fuzzy one LOL this was a platoon football game has nothing to do with anything he just looks so darn cute in his uniform!*

after being in the Army for 4 years and doing a rough tour in Afghanistan and while there getting a hernia so bad they had to med-flight him back to Germany for a huge surgery so I don't feel to bad about it.  

*this is actually a photograph of him in Afghanistan on Patrol in Kandahar province*
 It's kind of a rough process though lots of waiting, phone calls, bad elevator music, and rude people *in CA you no longer go to an office it's all done by phone or internet in his case phone because Military is a bit different* So I'm just asking for some prayers to be sent our/his way because he's trying to hard and getting so frustrated.  He just wants a job, on the one hand I hate seeing him like this on the other I'm so glad I married a man who cannot be lazy, he not only wants to but NEEDS to work.  So just thought I'd put the request out for some prayers they'd be much appreciated...♥


Erica said...

I will make sure to pray for you and your husband!! I know a LOT of people that get out of the service and get on unemployment-- its pretty much guaranteed for any military veterans to accept benefits. Kyle plans on doing the same thing when he gets out later this year. He shouldnt be ashamed of it at all because he deserves it. Look at all the hard work he has put INTO the government-- the least he can do is get something more than pride out of it. Look at athletes and such--they get paid millions of dollars for raw talent... your husband fought a war overseas and laid his life on the line-- he deserves some slack from the government. :)

Stacie said...

Definitely sending good thoughts your way. It took my husband around 4 months before he found anything. I also emailed you a veteran specific online job fair. Don't forget about the VA and all the things they can do for you. Keep your chins up, I've been there and everything will work out. The waiting is the hard part.
Thinking of you!
xoxo Stacie

Jaclyn said...

we had to do that when my husband lost his job two months before we had our baby. i have never felt so nervous. my husband felt a little dumb, but we were desperate. things will work out. it is amazing the timing of everything. the process is grueling, but you will make it and things will be better than ever! good luck!

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