Saturday, April 7, 2012

before Easter


Easter is tomorrow, and I have yet to make the most crucial Easter decision.  You see in my family it is NOT about what you wear, it's NOT about who you bring, or even what time you show up.  In my loving, amazing, conservative, southern baptist, country is about what dish you bring.  What is your contribution to the Easter meal *and in true Southern Baptist form we have a potluck*.  That is the question that will not only be asked with words, but also the shrewd eyes will be watching and waiting to see what dish you set down on the table *God forbid you come empty handed*.

Our Easter's have been the same for many years.  The family, and a select few neighbors and friends show up around 1 o'clock and we all head on down to the creek and set up chairs, tables, and sit down the tailgates of trucks...and then Grandpa *now one of the uncles or cousins does it* would say the prayer, and everyone would eat.  The kids will swim in the creek, then later there's an Easter egg hunt.

But the main event is something the men are utterly oblivious to, they think the food is simply there to enjoy?!  HA!  They are so blind.  No, it is an expert means of judging the female population of the family.  So as I'm part of the 'new generation bringing a dish so I'm especially watched.  Now there is a lot of pressure, especially because at family gatherings I usually do pretty good and bring home an empty dish. The choice this year is hard I make that recipe I just saw in a magazine? A recipe I made years ago that was a huge hit that I haven't made in awhile? A family classic my grandmother passed down to me?

There is a problem with all these choices. How do I know if the new recipe will turn out good? The recipe everyone loves? There's a neighbor lady who makes it and she may come and having the same dish as's just not an option. And the problem with the recipe my grandmother made is that I will NEVER be able to make it as good as she did. *and even if I did nobody could actually say it because she's grandma*

The 3 big fears when making a dish
1) Nobody eats any of it
                                2) You make the same thing as someone else
   3) Someone is allergic to it

The 3 things you desperately want to happen
1) it to be completely or at least mostly gone when it comes time to leave
                       2) Someone to ask around who made it while waving a forkful and going this is SO good *and you can nonchalantly go 'Oh that was me, how was it? something new I just whipped up*
                       3) All the women to simultaneously compliment your cooking and give you the stink eye because they're watching their weight and you just blew that all to hell.

I'm thinking of going with a wild card this year, but I'm very nervous.  Wish me luck!  What do you do for Easter?  Do you cook something?  How do you decide?  Have a very wonderful Easter!


Adam & Jasmine Zickefoose said...

I agree with you, go with a wild card and wish for the best. That's all you can do, right?!? You'll do great, don't worry. Ps, this is un-related to your post, but how did you make your buttons. I am trying to make some for me, but am just clueless, lol :D

Lauren Cooper said...

You will do great I am sure!! Looking forward to hearing about it! :) Hope you have a fun Easter with your family!

By the way, your measuring cups are to die for cute!! Love them!!

Ben & Cassie said...

Those fears and wants are some of the truest things ever said. I'm sure it will be great, and if not tell everyone someone else made it haha! Happy Easters!

Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

Hahaha- oh gracious I laughed at this! That is every potluck I ever go to and I stick with my buffalo chicken dip and live in fear of someone else bringing it! I refuse to pass out the recipe at functions even though it is ON THE CAN of chicken! Every time I make it I pray nobody else does! How awkward would that be!?!?
I hope your dish went over well and I can't wait to hear about it!

Courtney B said...

Ha ha ha! I love this! We can all relate to stressing big time about bringing a dish! What did you end up taking? I'm sure everyone loved it!

Teaka said...

Hope you share your well thought out and special dish you brought for your Easter meal. Haha tell us if it met all the items on the list! :)

A "cheery" disposition said...

what dish did you go with and what did everyone think? You have me curious now. I'm sure it was good no matter what... it's the passion your put behind the food that makes it that much better and you seemed eager to please :) That's what I think my grandmas food was so good because she put so much love into every dish that she made for her family.

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