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Wrath of The Titans Review


I don't usually do movie reviews on this blog but my husband and I LOVE movies, we are movie people.  That is pretty much our idea of a date  
*and maybe sometimes we go to the store and buy a couple of 40 ozs and pretend we're teenagers sneaking them in and ya know that we still have hopes and dreams and's super fun*
But we saw a couple of really good movies in the past few weeks that seem to be getting bad reviews and I just felt the need to stick up for them and voice my opinion!  So now you will be reading all about 

Wrath Of The Titans

Sam Worthington is a wonderful actor and just amazing for action movies I think, this movie kept me interested the whole time.  Something was always happening!  It was a 3D movie and while I usually can't tell the difference or see the point of a 3D movie this was definitely an exception it actually felt like I was in the movie!  Very interesting!  The graphics are wonderful!  I'm a hard core Greek mythology nerd so it's always a little hard for me to swallow what they do to the classic myths, gods, and goddesses but it was a great movie and definitely one I would want to own on DVD.

This sequel introduced a few new characters one of which *and my personal favorite* was The Navigator Perseus' cousin and the son of Poseidon.  He provides wonderful comic relief all through out the film and I found his character to be reminiscent of Captain Jack Sparrow!  And really who didn't love Captain Jack?

Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are back as the warring brothers Zeus and Hades and do an excellent job looking *and acting* like brothers!

Now I don't know if you saw the first film Clash of The Titans *by the way it is not necessary to see the first to understand Wrath* but it was really disappointing Wrath of The Titans came together much better, the story tied up nicely in the end but still kept you wondering from beginning to end.


Although I will say I prefer Sam Worthington with short hair like he had in Clash 
*could be a side affect of my husband having hair like that after being in the Army for so long*


In both movies I must say the only change I really loved to the original myths was that they made Pegasus the winged horse black I thought it was much more beautiful and just really added something to the movie.  

Another  big selling point for me was the fact that they added to Perseus' character in Wrath by explaining that he in fact married IO *his love interest from Clash* and that she'd passed away.  Now I was saddened by this but I was really happy that they didn't just write her out or that he just fell in love with someone new but it showed they had a loving marriage.  Makes me a fan all the more!  Because that love story in the first movie was Clash's only saving grace.

So all in all Wrath Of The Titans was a good film, with an amazing cast, I didn't want to spoil the movie to much so I tried to remain pretty vague *did it work?* it was definitely better than the Clash of The Titans remake...BUT NEITHER of these movies can ever come close to the Film that was the ORIGINAL Clash of the Titans *pictured above* if you've never seen go get on netflix or amazon and order it!  It is ALWAYS worth watching!

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