Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Cousin Becky...♥

Well I've been gone for a minute or two now!  Lol, I'm back though so all you imaginary people can calm down ;) I have quite a few posts that are kind of completed but not quite ready yet BUT before I could finish any of those I had to stop and write this one!  I emailed my cousin Becky the other day and we've started sharing some long emails and I'll tell you a bit about her she is my favorite cousin.  Ever.  And if you knew my family you would realize that with all the cousins to choose from that is no little thing.  I've always looked up to her and just thought the absolute world of her.  I always felt (and still feel that) I can tell her absolutely anything and everything.  We're the black sheep of our giant and crazy and loud family!  Anyway she lives in Nevada with her husband (who is also super duper cool) and I miss them (her especially though, sorry brit!) and we don't get to see them to often lucky with cell phones and computers and stuff we stay in contact which is a wonderful blessing!  And is why I'm writing this post, I'm just so thankful for my wonderful cousin Becky and our special relationship!  Here is a couple photos I hope you guys enjoy!

This is Becky and I the last time we got to see each other which was a few months ago as I recall!  Lol finally got a current one!

This is a picture she sent me of some beautiful water! (I'm not allowed to show the pictures of her and the fish she caught because she thinks she looks silly in her cold weather gear) and if I'm not mistaken this would've been in Tahoe in August?  Anyway had to share because it was SO pretty!
I Love You Becky!

Who are you especially thankful for today?  Anyone?  Do you feel there's anyone you need to make a special point to reach out to and get back into contact with this month?

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, if I was an emotional person, I would cry over this blog. I love you too kiddo.


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