Sunday, April 15, 2012

Second Hand Sunday

Welcome to Second Hand Sunday, this is going to be a bit different than usual.  This is the Home Remedy edition of Second Hand Sunday!  I'm only sharing a few on here but I just thought maybe some of you don't know these things!  And I couldn't get by without them, so I need to share the wealth here!  And I mean it's family tradition and also considered second hand information so it works right? Right.

So if you don 't know what this is, it's Aloe Vera.  An amazing plant!  This isn't exactly a home remedy more of a good idea.  When I was a little girl running around with about 10 of my cousins up at my Grandma Donna's house someone *inevitably me being the youngest and the only girl* would fall and hurt themselves, get a scratch, sometimes even a burn, or a sunburn, rope burn, a cut from something we shouldn't have been playing with...pretty much anything and everything you could think of we were told could be fixed with aloe vera...not the kind in the bottle you get at the store but the plant grandma had outside on the porch and the best part was we wouldn't get in trouble for it because the adults never had to know!  You just go over and rip a chunk of this wonderful plant off and rub the sticky gooey end on wherever and whatever is hurt...and there you go!

Number two, Apple Cider Vinegar.  ALWAYS have it on hand.  It's great!  It is the only thing I've ever tried that ALMOST INSTANTLY cures hiccups!  I hate hiccups.  HATE hiccups there is nothing worse.  It can acutally hurt ya know?  Well 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and they are GONE yeah it's kind of rough going down but like I said almost instantly gone.  This second hand info came from Great-Grandma Dorris on my mom's side.  *And she actually looked like Dorris Day, fun fact*

And Last, but DEFFINITELY not Least!  My absolute FAVORITE home remedy, and if you're anything like me it'll be yours as well!

Yes.  Yes that is yellow mustard.  Do you know what it cures?  Do you know what it cures instantly and beautifully?  Do you know what obnoxious pain it takes away *that somehow even to this day ALWAYS manages to make me cry?* ...Bee stings, wasp stings, ant stings...pretty much anything that stings you.  Squirt a generous supply of yellow mustard on it.  Nothing is better!  The pain will go away faster than you'd expect!  I will never forget when I first learned about this as a little girl I got stung at my grandma's house and came inside crying and my great grandma cowles *around 90 at the time* walked over and squirted mustard on the offending sting and told me in a firm voice to "hush" I was in shock then I realized the pain was gone!

It works so well that in the summer I actually keep these in my purse *because I hate getting stung and I'm that paranoid*

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Adam & Jasmine Zickefoose said...

My grandma had an Aloe Vera plant in her back yard, as well. I LOVE it better than the bottle! So good. Love home remedies! Thanks for sharing about the rest. It's fun to know what you could do "natural" than doing any other way!

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