Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Husband thank you for being the best provider, friend, and partner I could've ever hoped for.  And thank you for being such a fantastic father you melt my heart when I see you loving on our little.  Dear Army friend I love you dearly and I know you mean the world to my husband, you two have missed each other a lot in the last year.  I am so glad you're coming down to see him, I am not super pleased with the fact that we'll be having company on my first mother's day but I appreciate you calling first and you know and I know that there was no real way I was gonna be able to say no.  So I hope you come down and make my husband super happy he deserves it *and please do not get super drunk I have one baby to take care of I do not need two more big ones added to that equation thank you very much* so HOOAH to you two and I hope you make it and it's an awesome weekend.  Dear Baby Abigail you will be 3months old on Sunday which is also Mother's day and I cannot wait you're growing so much and it's totally a love/hate thing for me.  I hope we can make it a special day for you filled with lots of cuddles and probably way to many photos.  Also please do not get this horrible sickness that we have all had except for you and daddy.  Dear Stomach sickness do not get my baby sick.  Seriously, we have been praying our butts off, washing our hands, bleaching everything, and doing everything else we can think of so seriously leave her and husband alone and I will forgive you for infecting me the past few days and making me unable to hold my little love.  Dear Life you have been kicking us in the stomach pretty good lately.  You know all the soft spots don't you?  And you also know when and why we can't fight back.  But don't worry God has got this so we're not gonna let you win.  So BAM.  Dear God thank you for helping me through everything the last couple weeks, you know our struggles, fears, worries, and choices.  You know what we can handle and what we can't.  Thank you for helping to grow in you.  Please keep protecting my little girl and her health, Amen.


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Sarah said...

Stopping by from the Friday Letter's link up. Your daughter is SO cute. That photos of your husband kissing her is adorable. Doesn't time fly once you have a little one? Mine is already two! Crazy! Happy Mother's day!

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