Monday, April 29, 2013

Making the choice

Instead of letting the fear hinder my day
Instead of letting the envy choke my heart
Instead of letting the bitterness flow through me
Instead of letting the hopelessness destroy my 'right now'
Instead of letting the difficult circumstances overwhelm me
Instead of letting it all just be to much
Instead of letting satan win

I'm going to give it to God
I'm going to pray through it all
I'm going to love my daughter unconditionally
I'm going to be thankful for what I do have
I'm going to tell my husband Thank you...for everything
I'm going to make the hard 'not fun' choices that should have been made long ago
I'm going to read my bible
I'm going to listen to my favorite hymns
I'm going to remember that I was blessed just to wake up this morning
I'm going to let the Holy Spirit wash over me
I'm going to thank the almighty for these difficult circumstances because they're making me into what he wants me to be, though I can't see it now they're teaching me something, there's a reason for the tough things.

And no matter what I'm going to remember that he loves me...and I have everything I need


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Praise Him! He does get us thru the day.

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