Wednesday, December 5, 2012

oh how Pinteresting

This is my first time linking up with Michelle for 'oh, how Pinteresting' and I'm super excited!

So these are some amazing pins I've pinned and have been seeing all over the place!  I actually hope to do some of these this week/weekend so we'll see!


I absolutely love this 'wooden tree' I can't afford to buy one but maybe I could make something similar?  Now that our family is starting to grow I want to make sure we have the Lord in our Christmas and not just sparkly things gifts.  If I can talk my husband into cutting some wood for me when he gets home I may work on this tomorrow even!


This will hopefully be our Christmas center piece this year!  I really love this and I even have an old wooden box that would work I think!  It's a bit lighter but beggars can't be choosers!  Or I may have a father or husband help make a little box for me.  We will see! 


 And then there are these adorable little cork trees!  I have a ton of cork and I think I'll try and make a few of them, maybe 3 for my house and 1 or 2 for mom's! ...If the first one even works out right for me lol though I don't think I'll be painting or adding ribbon I kind of like the natural look of it.


I really love these pretty cone trees!  I made one and wasn't crazy about it but I'm going to keep playing around with it!

I think 1 of these would look really nice on our bench on our porch!

Now when I first saw this on Lemonade Makin' Mama's blog I LOVED it and it looked super easy it's still beautiful but I'm thinking of going a more traditional route, but in any case there will be a wreath!

I love these flowers, the real ones and these cute little ones above.  They are one of my favorite parts of Christmas!  Now the tutorial said Easy I'm hoping that's true because I'd like to make a few to sprinkle around the house or even put on some gifts!  Wish me luck!

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