Monday, December 3, 2012

5 for Five


Linking up with Jessica today for 5 for Five!

Last week's List
  1. Get all Thank you cards written and addressed *hopefully mailed but they may be a tad to ambitious we'll see*  
  2. Keep on top of the house *doesn't have to sparkle but lets see if I can make sure it's walkable at all times* 
  3. Stay current with my daily devotions every day this week *and on December 1st start reading Luke* 
  4. Get 3 things marked off the True Story of Christmas to-do list
  5. Write a Christmas-y blog post w/pics 
Well I did pretty good, keeping the house clean was not the easiest with all the nasty weather we've been having and me just being plain tired and exhausted.  30 weeks of pregnancy is not being very kind to me.  Number 3 I actually did ok but I missed two days and totally forgot to start reading Luke.  And number 1 I'm not sure how to feel I got them all written and almost all addressed except for 6 but that's because they didn't attend so we didn't get their addresses *can I blame it on them?* but in the sense of being honest it's technically a fail lol.
This Week's List 
  1. Keep up on my devotions *this is just to important to me to stop putting it on my list*
  2. Have a happy birthday *with husband not being home and being without a car it could take some doing*
  3. Get the house decorated for Christmas *that means get those pumpkins off the porch*
  4. Walk 3xs *it is so much harder than it sounds*
  5. Try and work on my paper to-do list *there are so many things on there and it doesn't matter what really just some if it needs to get cut down the paper itself is actually making me nervous* 

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Dabbling in Dixie said...

Happy early birthday! I hope you have a fantastic week!

How do you choose your daily devotions?

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