Friday, November 30, 2012

The Season

Sometimes it is so hard to be Thankful for what you have, what God has graciously given you.  Sometimes you get to dreaming about More about what your life would be like if you had the Perfect this or that.  When in reality where you are at this moment, what you have at this moment is exactly what you need.  That is where God wants you to be, the things you have are gifts from the Lord *whether we choose to look at them as such or not*

Around Christmas time it can be hard not to compare, not to get envious, not to want.  Everything is beautiful, and you want everything to be perfect for this special time of year.  But more often than not we get stuck with feelings of inadequacy, or we feel that our possessions are lacking, our decorations aren't as good as they could be, our gifts aren't good enough, or the menu isn't as fabulous as it could be.  We focus on what we want, or what we think we need.  We should be focusing on what we have, the people, the love, the salvation.  My husband looked over at me last night while we were watching a movie and said "I am so glad we're poor and happy, if we were rich we would not be this happy" and I laughed at him and gave him a kiss but it stuck with me all night, because he was completely 100% right.

Instead of planning for the far away future and when you think things will finally be 'perfect' we need to enjoy right now.  Personally we need to continue to enjoy living in 150 sq ft of space.  It's a special time for us whether we realize it or not.  We need to love this life we are currently living.  Because this is obviously where God wants us.  There is nothing wrong with praying about the future.  But that's all you can do, you can't plan it or worry about it without taking something away from the life you're blessed to live right now.  So say your prayers and give it up to God.  When he wants you somewhere else, he'll put you somewhere else.  He will put it all in motion whether you realize it or not.  Things will happen in his time.  And really would we want it any other way?  Do we really need to be that controlling that we would choose our own time over his perfect timing?  He knows what we need and when we need it, when we'll benefit from it.  When the time is right.

So right now, today, tonight, this month, this weekend, this very minute...enjoy it.  Being a military wife has helped me realize how important 'the now' is.  How important every second can be.  So I'm going to put away the pens, the college ruled paper, the lists, close the organization apps...and simply Enjoy hearing the wind blow and the rain fall on the tin roof.  I'm going to make a fun, easy dinner of chili dogs and get to sit down and eat it with my family and enjoy the weekend tv time.  I'm going to listen to Christmas music and enjoy feeling my daughter move and kick.  I'm going to love the moment my husband walks in the door, and I'm going to pray to God that I can do better at letting things come in his good time.

What are you going to do this weekend?  Do you ever feel that the rush is getting to you?  The constant go go go, or the need to get everything done on that list?  How do you slow down and deal? ... Or do you?  Do you ever feel that you are constantly waiting for things to just get better, so you can be where you want in your life?  Try and think on these beautiful and reassuring words this weekend...

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