Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful Day #2

So today was a bit better, still emotional, tired, stressed, and I feel as though I have literally gotten Nothing and I mean Nothing accomplished.  It's not a fun feeling.  But Grandpa is still in the hospital, the baby is getting bigger, Thanksgiving is still coming...life is going on despite my 'blahhh' days.  So who am I to try and stop it?  Part of growing up is rolling with the punches.  Not letting yourself fall into the self pity trap is one of the hardest and the Best things you can do.  So today when I was feeling grosser than gross with a ridiculous lower back ache what did I do?  Did I find my blanket and go curl up and hide?  Did I just give up?  No.  I wanted to, but I didn't.  I put on my big girl pants and got some baby shower stuff done, drank some tea, read some of the bible, made an eyebrow appointment *those things have been scary lately no joke* and a hair appointment...And that's it.  It's not a lot but it's a step in the direction of tomorrow being even better.  Sometimes I forget how important your appearance is to You I don't want my hair done or eyebrows groomed for my husband or anyone else it's for me.  To give me a little pick me up that apparently I've been needing lately, and I think it's really important to take care of yourself and sadly I've been letting myself go a little bit lately.  No more of that though *Lord willing* so tomorrow I'm going to catch up completely on my devotions and start my day off right *that means the bible before facebook or blogging* and try and focus on being better.

  1. Stephen found his way to where he needed to be
  2. The people calling and showing Grandma and Grandpa their love and support
  3. That my cousins went in to see grandpa
  4. feeling the baby move
  5. heart burn doesn't last forevr
  6. finally got the baby shower invites ordered
  7. got the little poems for the tables ordered
  8. we get paid tomorrow
  9. I'm getting a much needed appearance overhaul tomorrow
  10. our warm, comfortable, functional home ♥

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Rustown Mom said...

Today is a great day to count your blessings in advance of Thanksgiving (:

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