Sunday, November 25, 2012

My birthday wish list

This year I will be 22 years old.  Wow doesn't seem real lol.  This is the first year that my husband will be home it just feels super special, I love my birthday because we make christmas cookies and go look at lights as a family it's awesome really.  This year I decided to make a birthday wish list!  Ya know something for husband to come look at when he's totally lost and trying to prepare for the 8th of December.

I found a sweater I am truly in love with but of course i can't find a photo of, lets just say it's warm and soft and oh-so cozy!  Perfect for winter weather and it looks pretty good on my baby bump if I do say so myself...that's something I am for sure getting so I'll be sure to post pics when I do!

I'd also love a pair of snowflake earrings, I'm all about anything winter-y or Christmas-y but my ears aren't pierced so I was super happy to find some clip-ons!  And in gold none the less!  I love gold so much more than silver don't ask me why.

something else I've had my eye on is the starbucks hot cocoa kit!!!  It's so fancy I can only imagine the tasty cups of cocoa I could make with this!...Not to mention pretty!

Also dreaming of a camera bag...this one is so beautiful!  I found it on amazon and it looks so awesome!

...Now that I'm mentioning cameras a new lens might be nice!

And that concludes my birthday wish list!  I'm interested to see what hubby actually gets me lol!

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