Monday, November 26, 2012

5 for Five


Linking up with Jessica this so-so Monday for 5 for Five!

I didn't do a link up last week and I don't think I did before *and sadly I'm to lazy today to go and check* so I'm just going to be sharing my list for this week!

  1. Get all Thank you cards written and addressed *hopefully mailed but they may be a tad to ambitious we'll see*  
  2. Keep on top of the house *doesn't have to sparkle but lets see if I can make sure it's walkable at all times* 
  3. Stay current with my daily devotions every day this week *and on December 1st start reading Luke* 
  4. Get 3 things marked off the True Story of Christmas to-do list
  5. Write a Christmas-y blog post w/pics 
Not a whole lot, not a crazy impressive list really.  But lately for me just doing normal things is becoming extremely difficult so I'll just see how I do with this.  Hoping I get lots of green and not a lot of red!

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