Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So I deleted my facebook well over a year ago, actually almost two I think.  It's been nice not having it!  So so nice.  But sometimes I miss it, today I'm kind of missing it.  I'm thinking about how I'd like to put up pregnancy pictures, and ones of us for the family to see.  And how much I miss my Hero's Honey group!  They were such a good support system!  I miss being able to just talk with them all.  I've been debating getting facebook again...maybe just military friends and family?  No old 'friends' from high school or random acquaintances.  Maybe a facebook for husband and I to share stuff with our family.  But I am a little concerned.  What if I can't stay off of it?  I had a problem at one time...a B-I-G problem!  Yes that problem came after he'd been deployed so I was used to ALWAYS being on it.  But maybe now that he's home I can give it another go? hmmmmmm

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Beth said...

I say go for it...but set limits. Or, set up a snapfish or shutterfly group page to share pictures. :)

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