Monday, November 12, 2012

Prayer Request

My husband spoke at our church on Saturday for the Veteran's day dinner they host every year.  He was really nervous but so genuine and everyone loved it.  We have a church full of veterans so they all feel a kinship with him and he feels the same way.  He spoke on struggles not only with being deployed but also with coming home and coping with PTSD and the stress of finding a job.  And apparently someone was really listening.  Today we got a call from a lady at church and she asked if he'd like to go in and give it a try tomorrow at her husband's company.  My husband is Thrilled I am nervous *as usual* we don't know if this will be a permanent position or not but it very well could be.  I just wanted to write a quick post and ask for prayers for him driving in an unknown city that's bigger than what he's used to and then just all the uncertainties that come with starting a new job *especially one he knows nothing about lol but thankfully they're providing all the training* so if you could please send a prayer or two our way we would so appreciate it!


Jane said...

This makes me so happy for you guys! I can only imagine the amount of relief you must be feeling. I'll keep your husband in my prayers! I think this will be a great fit.

Adam & Jasmine Zickefoose said...

God is SO good! When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with Him and with others, He uses that in a beautiful way. Prayers your way girl. But with seeing how your hubby's personality is (being excited and all, and he seems outgoing) there should be no real need to worry! He has your back! But still praying this works out :D

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