Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters


I'm linking up with the lovely Ashley for Friday's letters

Dear Blood Pressure you were a little high yesterday, lets try and keep it down yesterday you weren't bad just a little higher than normal and I enjoy having good blood pressure I'll try not to stress I promise so I think you can do your part? yes?  Dear Abigail  I love Dr.Nakishima, your grandma loves Dr.Nakishima so trying to run away from the machine she uses to hear your beautiful little heart beat and instead kicking it repeatedly when she pushes isn't very nice we were in that office an extra 10 minutes lol *but just so you know your daddy and grandpa thought it was wonderful*Dear 7lbs I gained you were not there my last appointment, I've been doing really good I'm almost 6months and I've only gained 5 you were not a welcome surprise in fact it was a little embarrassing the doctor said I now have to start watching carbs and juices just to be on the safe side because I was doing wonderfully *although she did warn me I will gain a lot at the very end* and I'm going to continue to make fall desserts and yummy things but I'll just have to control myself a little moreDear Daddy I just love you so much for telling mom that it doesn't matter that I gained 7lbs I'm just going to have a nice big healthy baby *like the rest of the Powers women lol* it's always nice to feel supported...though I don't want to make a habit of gaining that every time I go in.  Dear Army husband and I have been talking over the possibility of a deployment, which is pretty much 100% likely we just don't know when yet.  I'm trying to understand that this won't be like the last deployment he has a different MOS, he's with a different unit, he's not active anymore he's reserves so it's not as long...but I don't think I'll be able to separate our previous deployment experience from the idea of another deployment until it's actually happening.  And no matter what I'll probably still be pretty ticked at you for awhile when he does deploy.  Dear In-the-future-deployment I'm not going to let you win, you will not psych me out like you did last time and ruin the time I do have with my husband.  I'm leaning on the Lord, he will get us through it all I have no doubt.  I just wanted you to know.

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