Monday, October 29, 2012

5 for Five


Linking up again with Fantastically Average on this blaaaah monday ;) for another round of 5 for Five!

So lets see how I did on my goals *if I completed it it'll be in Purple and if it was a big fat fail it'll be in Green*

1. Wear human clothes *not yoga pants or sweats* and makeup at least 4 days this week.
2. Blog at least 3 times this week. *inspirational, freebie, and share a recipe*
3. Keep up on the house *if I can't deep clean at least halfway decent will suffice*

4. Keep up with my daily *or what should be my daily* spiritual routine
5.Finish a craft or a project for the house *and blog about it*

Well, I wore clothes and makeup and it was great!  It felt good and I think it's starting to become a habit!  And I think my husband was most appreciative lol!  I gave myself a half complete on number 2 I blogged quite a bit and did everything I wanted to except finish up the inspirational post it's drafted I just don't feel like it's finished yet.  Kept up on the house pretty good, it was also nice and kept my mind nice and organized as well!  I finished a beautiful wreath for our front door and I loved  it you can see it here!  I ended up missing a couple days on my daily devotions so that's going to be on this week's list for sure.  All in all though I did WAY better than last week and it felt really good!

1. Keep up with my daily devotions, blessings list, and prayers!  No matter what, no exceptions.
2. Give myself a long over due mani-pedi *i keep putting it off because it's 'not important' but really it makes me feel so much better*
3. Start working on my Grandma's Christmas present *getting a photo of my Grandpa in her favorite magazine* 
4. Exercise at least 5 days of the week
5. Start a project *any project just be productive Marie* while husband is at reserve duty


Jenn said...

Great job, lady! You did fantastic this week- I'm excited for you :)

You have some great goals again for this week! I'm excited to hear how you did.

Thanks for linking up with us!

Jane said...

Woohoo for real clothes! We are just on a roll! I really need to get to exercising 5 days a week, I can barely keep up with 3 right now though. Ridiculous. Ahh and Christmas I need to figure out what I'm doing for Christmas gifts.

Jessica said...

Great job! Your wreath turned out super cute - I love it!! And what a sweet idea for your grandma's Christmas gift, I really hope you can make it happen!!

Thanks so much for linking up!

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