Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So a few days ago I finally figured out how to stop following blogs!  I was ecstatic!  Now I'm sure a lot of people have no problem following millions of other blogs and that's great, but I found that a lot of the ones that were popping up in my feed were ones I Never wanted to read.  So I went from following 146 blows to following 76.  And I must say I'm a lot happier I feel less cluttered, and I'm seeing more of the blogs I actually want to read.

So I'm currently a tad bit obsessed with our new netbook.  We had to get a net book because our computer desk has to Go we have to make room for baby after all and really...we live in 120 sq ft there's never gonna be 'a lot of room' but anyway that means our good 'ol desk top computer along with all of our photos on it and stupid computer games *that seriously make it run sooo slow* will be making it's way into our storage shed.  But my husband does a lot of stuff on the computer not just looking for jobs, but military stuff as well, and I use the computer a lot.  We didn't want to spend 600 bucks on a laptop that's honestly pretty big as well...so we decided to go with a net book.  They're very small and that's pretty much what sold us, they can also be a lot cheaper than anything else out there.  So we got it we had to charge for about two days straight but we finally got it on...and I Love it.

Hopefully our mattress will be getting here soon, we now have springs popping up and digging themselves into painful places while we sleep.  All our mattress stuff together is being shipped in two different boxes, 1 of which has already shipped so we pretty much can't wait.  Also last friday dad and stephen installed the new Air conditoner...and I must say I don't know how we lived without it!  For the past few months we haven't been able to stay in our place once 11 o'clock hits...yesterday we were in there All day it was beautiful!  And those ingenious men of mine figured out a place to put it where it's out of the way and not taking up much of our limited wall space and it can stay in there year round!

If you can't tell we're kind of trying to do a house over haul before baby gets here yeah we have a while like 5months but I want to get things done before I'm to big to help *or just instruct* we have a lot to do.  But that's ok I just feel like a squirrel right now trying to get all the nuts I can before winter sets in.

And as far as pregnancy goes I'm feeling a lot better, my next doctor appointment is monday.  I can't help but be nervous before each one but I think that's normal.  Husband is actually coming to this one to so that's exciting!  And I got up yesterday morning and cooked breakfast for 5 picky people who each wanted something different it took about 3hours but it was so nice to be cooking again!

Yesterday I did my first prenatal workout with my friend Sarah, who is not pregnant but thinks it'll be a kick and she's a nut for any kind of exercise.  I'm going to start doing it 3 times a week weather its with her or my husband lol after that I'm going to muster up all my courage and clean our house.  It doesn't sound bad but it was a construction zone last week complete with a hole in the wall and dust everywhere of course.  So today I'm going in there to try and do what I can, also we've been packing stuff up and moving things out so it's all kinds of hectic in there.

And I randomly decided to make a huge dinner, since feeling better I've been trying to cook more and more although in this hot CA weather it's not as easy as I'd like sometimes I can't help myself!  Tonight on the menu is The Pioneer woman's Roasted chicken, I'm also making roasted ranch potatoes, carrots, and broccoli!  Then for dessert Rolo stuffed chocolate chip cookies!  It all turned out great but I was only able to get a picture of the chicken lol

So I got the roast chicken recipe from the pioneer woman you can find it right here!  And I found the rolo cookie recipe on pinterest you can get the recipe for those right here!

Have a great Tuesday!

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Amira said...

You are a way better wife than me! I haven't cooked dinner once since I've been pregnant ha!

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