Monday, August 13, 2012


As I sit here drinking my 1 caffeinated beverage for the week {a dark chocolate covered marshmallow frappacino} day dreaming about fall and the decorating, cooking, baking, planning and just pure enjoyment of the lovely season I can't help but think...hey..our life isn't quite normal but really whose life is? Anyway I'm sitting here feeling extremely large and pregnant, my husband is trying to figure out the gestation period for wild hogs in the USA and what their population will be in 7 years, and we are relaxing in our newly air conditioned 120 sq ft shed that we call home. My husband just recently got out of the army and is unemployed, with a shed for a house, and a baby on the way a lot of people re wondering how we're going to do It and by it the only thing I can figure out they mean is are we going to live? Well we're going to go day to day like we always do. We're going to trust in the Lord, everything happens in His time so there really is nothing for us to do but have faith and trust in God to take care of us like he does every second of every day. My husband will look for a job, I'll take care of the baby and myself, and we'll both do our best to make our little place a home. This bit of random fall fluff is because I was thinking about being Thankful, I was thinking about gratitude. Anyway here are some pictures of things I've recently picked up to prepare me for fall!

This is an amazing find for $20 I got it at Ross! This was the last one there and I couldn't help myself! It's beautiful, its a nice dark wood and reminds me of those wine barrels people use as planters! I'm not going to use it as a planter for a while but there are so many possibilities...I can just see pumpkins filling it up and welcoming people to our porch and into our home!

These are some amazing Glade products I stumbled upon at Walmart! just two simple candles with amazing scents that just scream 'Fall' I highly recommend getting yourself a couple!

Another glade product but a little different than a candle, you get these little wax candles pieces to put in the tray. This scent is maple pumpkin! Amazing!

Then there were these baskets...these burlap and dark gray wire baskets...two different sizes perfect for our room and for some reason burlap and fall just go together! I'm in love with them!

So those are some fun things I've been stocking up on for fall! Are you thinking of Fall yet??? Do you have anything ready yet?

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