Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well this morning I have to go and get blood work done *ew/ouch but at least after child birth I will most likely laugh at the threat of needles and stuff* and then I'm going all around to a bunch of stores with my mom and grandmother *aka my posse* including but not limited to a bridal shop in search of a peach bridesmaid dress and babies R us to test out the potential glider I found online ... but I have to see if my butt fits in it Now and if it will fit in it during the 7-9 month period of which I am sure I will absolutely B-L-O-W-U-P!  So anyway lately morning sickness and heart burn and what seems to be an almost constant burping have taken over my life and made normal or ya know happy seem utterly impossible.  But I'm going to buck up and try to just smile and be happy and wear my stretchy pants and rock them.  Because sometimes in life you just need to smile your way through it *and sometimes just give in and wear the freaking stretchy pants*

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