Friday, August 3, 2012

A Fine Friday

Today I woke up with crazy amounts of energy *much to the dismay of my poor sleepy husband* ever since I stepped out of bed this morning I've been cleaning and moving things and trying to prepare our room for the upcoming projects that I know we have.  It's irritating though when you're just waiting for more funds to do said projects it is actually one of the more frustrating things in life I think.  But I found a good distraction!  A movie trailer for the October film "The Big Wedding" it looks to be like another awesome and funny Romantic comedy and I just love Diane Keaton *did I spell that right?* So until I can get some projects done and out of the way I'm going to content *I mean try to be content* with packing up little things and nicknacks and making more and more lists, and maybe goofing around on the internet a bit!  What are you doing this fine Friday?


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

hmm. that is a very good questions. I'll probably be here on the internet as well ... catching up. oh and of course hanging out with sherman. :) tv sounds rather nice right now ... and a glass of wine. ahhh.

Erin said...

that movie looks fun! glad you had so much energy, i need to some of it lol :)

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