Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Payday Perspective

Getting paid is fun.  It's a great feeling to have money again sometimes it just seems like you can breathe easier after you find out the check has been deposited in the bank account...until you start pulling out the list of bills that need to be paid, the list of household and/or car repairs, or just the things you need to get to cross off that darn to-do list.  More often than not these are not 'fun' things they aren't things you'd choose to spend your money on.  But unfortunately in the blinding heat of august in northern California a new air conditioner is going to help out the family as a whole a lot more than me getting a new pair of UGGs *dang it* having to pay insurance, credit card bills, set aside money for gas *is the price ever going to go down?* those things are necessities while maybe fun things like UGGS, video games, vacations...are a little more unnecessary.  But it doesn't keep it from hurting just the teensiest tiniest bit when you Finally get that pay check and then it rather quickly starts to disappear as the necessities are taken care of.  Oh the joys of being an adult lol, but a big plus is that when these things are taken care of in the long run it's wonderful.  It's great not to be behind on bills or credit card payments.  It's amazing to have a car that doesn't break down every two seconds.  And when that 107 august day finally hits it is nothing short of heavenly to have a new air conditioner.  Maybe it's not a 'fun' payday it's more of a necessary payday but that's ok getting it all out of the way this week maybe next payday can be a funner payday.  Maybe then we'll be able to get the stuff for our room we need, the new paint, stuff that's a little bit more fun than getting the car tuned!  It's all about perspective and patience.  Something up until this year I was severely lacking.  So I now entertain this lovely thought...

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