Friday, August 10, 2012

A Catch up post


Well the last few days have been all kinds of fun, busy, and disturbingly Hot!  Apparently this weekend will be the hottest we've had in 6 years!  I can't even imagine, since becoming pregnant my tolerance for hot weather *which has never been very good I'm a fall/winter/spring girl all the way* has pretty much gone down to Zero


Well Wednesday was just about the best girls day Ever and I am completely and totally sure of that because I enjoyed myself So much I forgot to take Any pictures, seriously not one I don't even think I pulled out my phone.  It started out with mom and I getting ready and husband bringing us burger king breakfast *can you say guilty pleasure?* then we headed over to my aunt Dianna's house and we all piled in her van after hugging and laughing *when we're together we sound like the witches from Macbeth cackling and stuff except we sound like we've also been smoking for 40+ years when none of us has ever smoked lol* and oohing and ahhing over each others clothes and hair and what not.  We then went to a quick lunch to Strings for some awesome Italian food and as usual great service *I am there to much the waitress had no problem touching my stomach as soon as we told her I was pregnant and telling me to bring sonogram pictures next time* after completely Stuffing ourselves we got to our real destination the little beauty supply store that also sells Miche Bags it turns out Miche is going back to only parties and online sales so everything was 40% Off we were sooo excited we each ended up getting a purse and a cover at a crazy good bargain!  I have to say a HUGE thank you to my mommy who got me mine she is so sweet!

This is a really bad picture of my Miche with the cover on, I Love it!  A better one will come!

Then we went to a book store, thrift store, walmart and did a little shopping, Kmart, then Lowes to get me an Air Conditioner *because ya know I'm a grown up now* after that we decided to drive an extra hour just to see a movie!  We got there in plenty of time to get movie snacks like nachos, popcorn, and soda.  And saw the most amazing movie, it was so sweet and so good!  Perfect for any married couple, girls our with their friends, or anyone who is likes to see a real marriage portrayed and see what it takes to keep a real marriage going we saw the film...


Another amazing Meryl Streep movie and Tommy Lee Jones was as fabulous as always!  Steve Carrell was hilarious and just perfect for the part he played.  You laughed, you maybe cried, you walked away touched with a perfect sense of what real Love is.  That it's not just fuzzy feelings and chemistry, it's hard work, forgiveness, respect, listening, and most of all commitment.  Not just commitment not to cheat or do someone wrong but commitment to work through any problem or obstacle that comes your way.


We ended the night with a couple quick stops at Marshalls and Ross, it was an amazing laughter filled day and night with my two best friends ♥

Now today my dad and my husband are hooking up our brand new air conditioner and thoroughly destroying my house...but that's ok lol anything to help with 107 degree days.  Stephen and I have a big to do list today we're going down to the bay area tonight and staying in a hotel and then tomorrow morning going to Mountain View where he does his Reserve duty for 'Family Day' on our extremely limited budget.  Now I've never actually been able to go to any family day like events while he's been in the military because I was almost always a few continents away.  I'm very very nervous but so happy that I can be there for him.  I just want to make him proud and fit in as normally as possible.  Standing out can be bad lol.  But also I'm a little nervous because he wants to try and stay the whole time from 9-3 because he feels weird about leaving early *I'm pretty sure they wouldn't stone him or anything but hey I'd be a bit nervous to if I was still the new guy* but I have to look at this realistically I'm like 4 months pregnant I get hot Very easily and that's quite a while to be outside for me, and not only that but I tend to get sick...All.The.Time. I just don't want to embarrass him, I want to be a help not a hindrance.  So I would really appreciate some prayers!

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