Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4months and 2days

 Ok.  So I keep seeing everyone filling out these little pregnancy questionnaire things and I thought why not do one for myself?  So here we go!

How Far Along: 4months and 2days

Size of the Baby: avocado

Maternity Clothes: They are in the mail and on the way thank the Lord!  Shirts are fine, it's pants and underwear I need help with!

Stretch marks: nothing that wasn't there before

Weight gain: 3lbs

Sleep: I sleep fine but lately I've been paranoid about how to sleep I freak out if I wake up and I'm on my stomach.

Best Moment of the Week: when I feel the little flutters or just something and I don't know how I just know it's my little one moving around.  Or whenever my husband and I sing to the baby or he just talks to my stomach *or rubs it ... it feels amazing*

Food Cravings: milkshakes, smoothies, and pizza

Gender: Unknown *but we think it's a girl*

Belly Button in or out: still in!

Anything making you queasy or sick: not to much except when I go to long without eating and then everything, or if I'm cooking dinner, if it's something fried I have a hard time standing over a hot greasy pan for to long.

Labor Signs: no

Wedding ring on or off: on

What I miss: I miss my normal pants lol and I also miss getting invited to things like friend's birthdays or days out *but apparently being pregnant is on par with being a comatose vegetable to the unmarried-thinking-that-they'll-NEVER-have-kids-crowd*

What I am looking forward to: finding out the gender, and getting our room all finished!, and of course the baby changing table is almost done!

Nursery: we don't have one lol we will all be living in a glorious little one room but we're preparing it for baby.  We'll be getting our rocking chair soon so that's really exciting.

Emotions: I'm crazy.  They'll either be fine, totally fine.  Or I'm super upset or I'll just randomly start crying...it's really lovely

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