Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A 25th Children's Birthday Party

Husband turned 25 last sunday.  This is the first birthday of his we've been able to spend together in 3 years!  This was also my husband's first birthday party, ever.  He's the youngest of 7 children, his dad died when he was about 13.  There wasn't money for thing like birthday parties.  I couldn't imagine never having a cake with candles, or balloons, or just a family party!  Of course my darling's birthday landed smack dab in between paydays for us and my parents.  We were able to scrounge up some money to try and give him the birthday he never had as a child.  I also think it was pretty fitting that he felt really   'Old' on this particular birthday.  So what better way to remedy that than a child's birthday party?!  I woke up and made him a small birthday breakfast in bed, coffee with cinnamon, sugar, and milk.  Then toast and some fruit, accompanied by the classic happy birthday song!  Then he got up and was thrilled to see mom put up Happy birthday signs in strategic spots around the house for him...

Then mom and I set off for the dollar store to see what we could get, then walmart, and then home!  I love the dollar store we got everything we needed there except for cake mixes, pinata, and pizza!  We got everything we needed for $100 including his presents.

we got some fun party horns for every plate,  candy filled pinata, a birthday table cloth, and you can see his giant birthday-boy hat in the background i think lol!  We even used some paper straws in the plastic cups..because lets face it...EVERYONE loves straws...Everyone.
And a pretty nice Birthday banner for $1

balloons wherever we could put them
stephen only hit the pinata once and it was done lol and my dad just held it up and was a little concerned when we pulled out a metal bat but it was fine ;)

And as is tradition in our family the birthday boy/girl gets to make a cake or cupcakes with daddy!  Stephen and dad went to work making  a cake and they couldn't find a real cake pan and used a bunt pan and they didn't even take it out when it was finished they frosted the bottom of it lol!  And we lit the candles and we even had two musical candles from the dollar store!  they were great and sand the birthday song nice and loud!

All in all he said it was the most amazing birthday ever!

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Adam & Jasmine Zickefoose said...

How cute of you to make him feel so special on a day you have every right to! Can't believe he never celebrated his birthday "traditionally." So cute of you to do that for him!

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