Friday, August 24, 2012

So much to do so little time

Doesn't it seem like things don't ever stop piling up? Is it ever possible to actually stay on top of it all? On top of any of it? Lately I just cannot seem to keep up. Right now racing around in my mind and my to do list are so many things it makes me tired just to think about it lol. I need to finish up a bridal shower gift for my lovey friend's shower tomorrow, I need to get the directions printed out via my grandparent's printer, I need to print out a couple things for her gift at walmart, husband and I have to pick up paint tomorrow morning, get the car cleaned out, take more stuff to our storage shed, finish cleaning out our room, get my hands on some plastic sheeting so we can start painting, fix the weather stripping under our door, fold a TON of laundry, and so many other things! It just feels overwhelming it's nice to be able to 'vent' on my blog or make lists on here. I found the above picture and it made me smile and it also made me realize I am not doing anything tonight lol I am pregnant, tired, and feeling sick as a dog. I am going to bed!

what's your weekend like? Do you ever just give in and go to bed? Or do you tough it out and get it all done?

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