Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's To-Do's

Today I'm hoping to get lots done thankfully most of it is inside as I'm a bit twitchy about going outside after my first bee sting of the year yesterday still all kinds of swollen/itchy hate that feeling *but the mustard totally worked!* but there are still things that can and need to be done!  I started a detox and cleanse this morning it's a Jillian Michaels thing I've had it a minute and just decided it was now or never so here we go.  Today is also day2 of my makeup and nail polish 'spring break' so that's just weird but I'm still going strong lol.  Oh and the above picture has nothing to do with anything in this post I for some reason just love it and find it inspiring.  I also started a new pinterest board devoted to eating, exercising, and just being healthy!  Found some really great stuff so far!  If you wanna check it out here you go!  And here is my to-do list for Tuesday...♥

To-Do List
  1. Read my bible
  2. keep track of calories today *try and stay within the limit*
  3. workout
  4. put away all husband's *crap* stuff
  5. take stuff up to storage shed
  6. clean out closet put everything away nicely *try and actually MAINTAIN it*
  7. clean up the room *yes Marie that means dust to*
  8. clean out loft
  9. start making the two week menu and shopping list


This is just an awesome picture I found on pinterest!  This is definitely going to help me in keeping track of my calories!  Maybe it'll help you to! *especially if you're a Starbucks addict like I am*

This is a picture of all husband's *crap* stuff arriving yesterday!  I may or may not be mad that they didn't lose it, but I can totally defend myself!  We really don't have room for it, and if they would've lost it we would've got 5 grand...I'd rather have that than old uniforms and video games anyyy day but that's just me I guess lol!  Must say he is REALLY happy this important piece got here because it's something that we will get loads of use out of in our everyday life

what average, middle class family doesn't absolutely NEED a grappling hook I ask you?

and with that I'm off to finish things and enjoy my lovingly amazing and blessed life at the same time!  For all it's ups and downs it's mine and I wouldn't trade a thing!  I'm going to do a check up post tonight and see how I did on my list!  What do YOU have planned for Tuesday?

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