Sunday, March 4, 2012

Second Hand Sunday - Link up!

Welcome to, Second Hand Sunday
My very first one!  It's going to be a weekly staple on this blog from now on.  I love making something out of nothing, or taking something that's old that nobody wants anymore and making it fabulous and functional!  Unfortunately I can't afford Antique stores or cute shabby chic stuff from Pier 1, Target, and other expensive stores *Or at lest expensive to me right now* you can think of.  So my big things right now are thrift stores, second hand shops, free stuff on the side of the road, things that family is getting rid of, or things that are passed down from other family members!  If it's just cleaning them up a bit or doing a complete over-haul and painting or decorating or even taking it apart to make it better I LOVE IT.  And hopefully am going to start getting even better at it!
Today I'm going to show you one of my recent improvement projects.  I stumbled on this marble box 
*it's not really old or anything it's just made to look that way I got it from a friend when he was moving* 
when I was cleaning stuff out of our storage shed and the lid fell off and I thought "that would be a cute little shelf wish I could do that" and then I couldn't figure out a reason why I couldn't make it a shelf!  Lol so then it all started.
this is the box when I first found it and emptied out the marbles
the only tools I needed were two paint brushes and a screw driver
I used left over white paint, a ligth green called 'Dakota', and black paint

This is what it looks like now and I LOVE it I'll try and get a picture it's up on our wall right now with our little knick knacks all over it lol

Anything with an arrow by it is second hand.  The blue glass container is my favorite and was 2 dollars, the marbles were from the box I made into a shelf, the candle holder is an old mason jar lid, the chalkboard was an amazing thrift store find for 6 dollars.  The corks were used wine corks from Etsy, the clothespins were for a different craft, and the black and white picture is a photo of my grandfather when he was 17.

This is a frame I picked up for 50 cents at a thrift store the other day, and good thing my husband put togather a 1,000 piece puzzle and wanted to do something with it.  We glued it down and it's now hanging in my brothers room!

This mini-cupcake pan is 1 of 2 that my grandmother gave me and they belonged to her mother I just Love them and use them all the time, I just made cupcakes with my niece in them yesterday!
Do you have any thrift store finds that you just love?  Any old family teasures?  If you have something you'd like to share just grab a button and link up!  I'd love to see what you have!


Jane said...

I LOVE refurbishing old 2nd hand finds! I love everything you have. I was so not prepared for this, this week, can I link up something old I have?

Jane said...

Yay! I don't see a linky so I'll link up here! :)

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