Friday, March 2, 2012

The List

So,  This is emberassing.  Emberassing and oh so necessary.  Since my husband has been home I've been so happy and just in about the best place mentally, spiritually, and physically that I've been in since we got married!  But creatively...uhmm kind of another story.  He has inspired me to start all of these amazing projects, I've gotten awesome blog ideas, even gotten into some lovely thrift store item-transformations!  It sounds great right?!  Right?!  Yes.  But the real problem is that I'm...not...finishing...Anything.  It's ridiculous I've finished One thing since he has been home.  Just One.  And it is driving me nuts I am not a girl that can leave things half done, or start a project knowing I don't have all the materials and just go 'oh I'll finish it later' ...that is just not how I opperate.  It is now officially starting to take it's toll on me.  I can't seem to get my head on straight and make the lists I need to *because I need a list to get Anything done* so I thought
'hey why not do a quick post about it instead of crying into your tea about what a failure you are?'

So here we are!  I am sucking down my relaxing tea mix of sleepytime green and honey-Chamomille-Vanilla in my pretty little white & blue cup and just trying to breathe and not concentrate on the havoc that is taking place around me.  And now I am going to start...The List.

The List
*This list is not including any blog ideas in my head or any day to day stuff UGH* 
I need to print out a really creative picture I found online and put it by my desk for inspiration

make an Arkansas state tribute to our family there and hang it up somewhere

Hang up the sign I have from our storage shed

Hang up the painting I got at walmart

Put all the extra stuff back in our storage shed

make old-fashioned scrapbook

make a new picture frame with my dad

make a sign about 'no shoes' for our soon-to-be-front porch

paint new tea bucket

re-paint 3 tiered sign

hang up new curtain

clean up and paint (with chalkboard paint?) old coffee pot

Paint new veggie box

hang up planter outside

clean out our drawers in our room move ALL his stuff outside in them, go through ALL my clothes and find out which ones I'm going to keep and get rid of and organize them A LOT better (no more giant piles of clothes hopefully)

sand paper little basket and paint it

Re-do desk (sand and paint) and then figure out creative ways to handle all the freaking clutter on it

get paint and fix all spots on the walls

get paint and fix the loft

...Wish me luck?  Any creative projects going on with you?  Anything you have to get to that you're having a hard time with?

Also I am going to check back at the begining and end of next week with you guys and see how I've done with this list!

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Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

I am ridiculous when it comes to DIY projects. As in... our garage is a mess as is my craft room. I have no organization skills and am just like you- I am slowly purchasing the things I need to really organize my craft space, but until then I kind of feel like "why bother?" since it's not going to be how I eventually want it. Ugh. It's ridiculous.

Also- it is like that whenever my husband gets home. It's great that you are putting things on the back burner though and spending time with him! Soon you'll get into a good flow and you'll be back in the saddle :)

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