Friday, March 2, 2012

A Big Blessing and a little thank you

I just want to say Thank you SO much to Janey and Elizabeth for their sweet comments the other day on This post.  It all did work out for the best, we came into a little extra money 
*the military doesn't ALWAYS screw you in the butt I guess* 
and we were able to get something we've been REALLY wanting, something my parents have been really Needing, and had a little thrift store fun at the same time!

*most of my purchases I'm going to keep hidden until Second Hand Sunday don't forget to Link up!*

This is a REALLY crappy picture sorry it was raining outside, we got this table at a thrift store it was PERFECT for what we want which is a potting table in our little shed/project/gardening area and in the summer we can move it onto the porch and eat there! I Love it!

Comfortable and Cute...I'm a happy girl lol

This is my new outfit the husband got for me *he spoiled me realllll good*

Here are the chairs we got my mom that came with the table! 

My mother has not had 4 matching chairs for her kitchen in YEARS.  These are solid wood, and dark which we really like!

And they have this super cute pear design on each one with the blossom on it!

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Stacie said...

love the outfit, and I LOOOVE that bench! It's really cuttte!

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