Monday, February 20, 2012

My Pen Pal...♥

So I am SUPER late with this!  But better late than never right?  Or even Fashionably Late?  Take your pick!  About a month ago I was over at Amira's blog Shades of Gray *which is amazing and adorable and any other complimentary words you can think of!* and she was having a penpal match up!  I love writing, I love making friends, but since I don't have facebook, and live in the middle of nowhere...well a penpal just sounded awesome!

And what do you know...I got an awesome penpal!  Her name is Elizabeth, and she is simply Lovely!  A navy wife with a hilarious blog!  How could I resist?  I am emberassed to admit how bad I've been about writing her but we've both sent at least one thing!  Better than nothing?  I think so, and besides it's quality not quantity.  I just wanted to do my first 'follow up' post and tell Amira what an awesome idea, and tell Elizabeth how glad I am to be her penpal and hope that we can get to know each other a lot better!  So far I've only been able to send letters but am working on a little package for her *Elizabeth if you're reading this forget that you read that* but she is super awesome and creative and giving and just all around thoughtful!  And she sent me this...

Some awesome candy! *not much left my husband has been bogarting it*, two amazingly scented body cleansers, and a sweet letter on the prettiest paper! Even the package she sent all this is was cute...*in case you were wondering I pretty much felt like the worst person ever for only sending a letter and not even on pretty paper!*

So yeah, my penpal is super thoughtful!  And creative, OH... did I already mention that she has an Absolutely Hilarious Blog? or a really great Etsy Shop?
♥...Because she does.  Click either of the above links and see for yourself...♥ 
♥...And of course don't forget to check out Amira's blog for a little everyday piece of Wonderful!...♥

So to sum it all up Elizabeth, Thank you!  And I promise to be a better penpal, I also hope that we can really get to know each other and become better friends I could really use a friend and you seem like such an awesome person!

And Amira thank you for having such a great idea and having such a sweet blog!



Amira said...

Awww, I am so glad that you guys hit it off :-) That makes me sooo happy!


Stacie said...

that is so awesome, penpals are great! although I haven't had one since elementary school...maybe I need to jump on the bandwagon too!

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