Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Here are some bits and pieces from our weekend, photos, words of wisdom, happy moments, just this and that...Hope you enjoy!

My mom snapped this picture when we weren't looking (obviously) this is us on the ranch standing on an old stump for no reason at all lol and I decided to pair it with my favorite quote from Pride and Prejudice, it's the one that reminds me the most of my husband and I.

I snapped this today while my the husband was out working on the fence with the rest of the guys, I had just finished cleaning up the house and was just loving the smell of clean room, lemon floor cleaner, candles that smell like cotton, and my tea.  I was also thinking of how much I absolutely adore Pride&Prejudice and how sweet and calming it is to drink my tea while watching those adorable little cartoons of Beatrix Potter's.

...And of course we had to pose for just one lol!  The quote is from a Miriam Stockley song that we love to play while we're driving in the rain.
I LOVE having my husband home, he insists on driving!  And while it is hard for me to give up the control once I stop twitching and start looking out the windows I get to see all the small beautiful things I always have to miss!  Like this old barn in a field by our house...absolutely beautiful!  Luckily my honey doesn't mind pulling over so I can take *better* pictures!

ahhhh the one of the funnier parts of this weekend!  Meet my husband's arch nemisis...THE SHOPPING LIST!  We made a quick trip to the store before dinner *which means I had to stay in the car so it would actually be cheaper quick* and I handed him his list and he snorted and said "Really?  It's like 5 things you think I can't remember 5 things?"...well here is how it went once he was back in the car with the bags...

Him: *as he tosses the now crumpled list at me* "I was in and out in under 10 minutes you females I don't understand what takes you SO long or why it's so hard for y'all to get in and out *yes he is looking SUPER smug right about now* oh and that list?  I didn't need it at all...well maybe a little but not really"
Me: "yeah babe you're AMAZING...did you get the coffee creamer?"
<Insert Awkward Silence>
Him: "F***!!!!!"
Me: *looking super SMUG   Understanding* "Maybe you needed it a liiiiiitttle more than a little bit?"

...Could you hear the car door slamming and him grumbling where you're at?...I bet you could! HAH!...I laugh with Love though don't worry!

And My favorite quotes of this weekend are...

"If you're to busy for God, then it's time to change your schedule"-Joyce Meyer can totally expect a longer more in depth post on that quote later this week

"I hold an old fashioned notion that a happy marriage is the crown of a woman's life"-Beatrix Potter

...So How was your weekend?

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