Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick Fix Fajitas

If you follow me on Instagram *name is mrslester21* then you knew I was going to post this an have seen the picture! I'm apologizing ahead of time for the lack of photos and if anything looks weird I'm blogging from my phone lol! Anyway here we goooo!

And be warned none of this is in exact measurements I made it up as I went! This is a ridiculously cheap, quick, an uncomplicated meal!

You will need

Two pork chops (or chicken)
1 can of chopped Ortega chilies
1 can red kidney beans
1 handful of grated cheese
Lemon juice
Garlic salt
Black pepper
1 packets of Fajita seasoning
And a tsp of butter

Grab your favorite frying pan and after chopping up your meat toss it in the pan with the butter then add a dash of lemon juice, and about 1 cup of tequila and let the meat cook in the juices *the alcohol will burn out it's only for flavor* add garlic salt and pepper to taste. When the meat is cooked add in the drained and rinsed kidney beans. Then the can of Ortega *you do not have to drain as the juice adds to the flavor* then add the entire packet of fajita seasoning stir all together and let cook for about 5 minutes. When it's all done throw it in a bowl, make tortillas if you're not watching your carbs, and don't forget to sprinkle on that cheese over the top!

My husband went NUTS over this today for lunch and ate the entire bowl!


Stacie said...

yumm sounds tasty! i love those canned chiles, I use them in all sorts of things. thanks for the yummy recipe!

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

they were sooo good! I know I seem to always have a few cans on hand and we were out of everything else so I thought well why not! lol anytime! Also going to have a hummus recipe on here to this week!

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