Monday, January 23, 2012

Under Construction!

My OCD+MY difficult blog+my lack of computer skills=An Attempt on my life

SO My blog is here-by under construction...things will most likely be a bit wonky for awhile until I can get things centered and to my semi-psychotic liking the posting will be earratic and rant-filled at best!

Speaking of under construction, I am currently feeling like I am as well as my blog!  It seems like the week before the husband is home I suddenly see EVERY LITTLE THING that is wrong with me...I am now sitting with crest white strips plastered to my teeth, deep-conditioning hair, and a plaster-like face mask...yay...I'm pretty!


Enjoy a picture of me way back when!  Back when there was very little construction needed not even a lot of maintanence!


Stacie said...

Oh, I am sure you are just as GORGEOUS now as you were. The week leading up to homecoming (let's face it, even the MONTH) can be SUPER STRESSFUL! Pamper yourself and try to relax. Also, I loooove the new blog layout so far.kabli

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

lol thank you! I haven't been doing that at all this time lol I've been trying to stress myself out I swear! I think I am going to take your advice Stacie! thank you :) I'm still working on it trying to find something thats 'me' but I love it to!

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