Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Things I Love about you Tuesday!

So I've decided Tuesday's will have a '10 Things I Love About You' post

It can be a different 'you' every week or the same whoever you're loving in your life it's all up to you, I'm going to do someone different every week.  I got the idea for this from the most ADORABLE decoration for my blog post from Shabby Blogs in the 'post  pretties section' you can actually find the same notebook decoration

After I downloaded the notebook I went to www.picnik.com and added my own text in a font and color that I liked,  It was really fun and didn't take long at all!

so this Tuesday the person I'm 'Loving' is my husband Stephen
so here is my 10 Things I Love About You List

If you want to join me in showing some tuesday love please feel free!  Just share my link and where you got the idea please ♥ Have a happy, and loving Tuesday!

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