Wednesday, January 18, 2012



Amira at Shade's of gray and I'm dumb so I couldn't put the TOTALLY cute pen-pal button that she had on her blog onto mine :( but I put the link to the post so I figure that's better than nothing right?!  Anyway I was reading around and saw that she's matching people up with pen-pals...I REALLY want a pen-pal!  I Love writing letters!  It's so nice!  And it's also really nice to have someone to 'talk' to, and the older I've gotten and since I've been married 'good' friends have been few and far between.  I guess I'm just wanting to make a solid connection with someone!  Maybe (hopefully) someone in the same place I am in life, married, has had some military experience lol, and Christian would be an absolute blessing! ...If anyone reading my blog is interested in having my as a pen-pal Please let me know!  I'd love it!  Hoping a get one soon! 

Have you ever had a pen-pal?


Cal said...

I know what you mean! There's nothing like receiving a real letter! We've all lost touch with letters since emails etc made everything so linked to computers!

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

i loveee getting letters and writing them! it's so fun and surprising to get something in the mail thats NOT a bill LOL yeah everything is on computers now but since getting rid of facebook I write letters alot more!

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