Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jasmine Zickefoose & I smile lol!

I was getting down in the dumps today what with the financial stuff going on (a post for later) and stephen being SO close to coming home but still SOOO far away and then just a few other things I just kind of got myself in a funk and was just about to crawl in bed and onto the self-pity train when I decided to check out blogger!  And what do I find???  I find Nice, Sweet, Caring words from a LOVELY person...about Me?!?!?!  Not that I'm not all those things ;) it just made me smile so much that she thinks those nice things of me, and made me think okayyyy the woman she's blogging about is not the one who is single-handedly keeping self-pity in buisness she's the one who slaps on her head phones and pumps up some inspirational gospel and starts praying when things get a little wonky...and who is this 'she' who was bloggin about lil old me you may be asking yourselves???  Well I will tell you!  It's Jasmine Zickefoose!  A navy wife I met way back when I was doing Hero's Honey.  She's a lovely girl, a Christian that gives Christians a good name, super creative, good cook, pretty much that girl thats perfect that at first makes you go '...ahh...she's perfect...great...' then after talking to her for 2.5 seconds or just reading what she writes you're like 'wow...so she IS perfect but she's not perfect in that prissy-know-it-all-in-your-face-way she's perfect in the I'm-just-me-and-I'm-naturally-perfect-and-don't-even-know-it-like-disney-princess-status-perfect and then YOU are like wow you can't Not like her!' ...yeah so she's pretty awsome if you haven't already gotten that lol!

So I really don't know what 'linking up' is or how to go about it here is the link to her Fabulous blog and the lovely things she said about me check it out, I advise you follow her!  It's always a great read!

What has you smiling today??? If your answer is 'nothing' then make a list of whats keeping you from smiling and then cross it out with a black pen and write 'the fact that I am alive'!!! God is good and has a plan for YOU no matter how miserable you THINK you are! Here is a music video for 'I smile' enjoy!!! And remember to Smileeee!


Adam & Jasmine Zickefoose said...
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Adam & Jasmine Zickefoose said...

Girl, you made ME smile!!!!! Oh My Goodness, no one has ever said a nicer compliment about me. EVER! Thanks a bunch! You're really not as bad as you make yourself seem, and I'm really not as perfect as you make me seem :D (really). But it's encouraring to know that someone sees the good in you! Keep smilin'!!

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