Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My husband is smart & more happy then Lil me can shake a stick at!

My husband always says two things that I try and remember and keep with me the first is "you know how to not be jealous of people and be completely content with what you have?  First you don't look at what they have or what you don't have.  Then You Realize not just What you have But what you are Blessed  with" and the second is "Happiness is a choice, just make yourself be happy don't let yourself get stupid and just don't pick nothin' else" man my husband, a very smart man
(at least when he's not making himself sick on an entire bag of marshmellows *ahem*)

Today I was flirtin real hard with that darn selfpity train again, feeling sorry for myself and just feeling like I was gonna explode and everything was miserable and needing a darn good cry.  But instead of that I'm gonna make a list of all the 'Happy' goin on in this life that I am Darn blessed to have!

More Happy than I can shake a stick at
  1. My southern gentleman will be home in 11 Days
  2. The Lord has provided (like he always does) and our financial stresses are gone (well the ones that aren't normal anyway)
  3. Our new once-a-month-big-family dinner was a Roaring success (I say roaring because all 4 of us girl cousins were together in one room...with wine)
  4. I got off my big 'ol butt and walked 2miles today!
  5. I have a dad I can joke around with and talk to
  6. I get to drive my favorite little tractor around all the time
  7. my little brothers are just their own people so much it's a miracle how far they've come
  8. I have love from people coming out my ears if I just let them through sometimes
  9. I have a wonderful bestfriend named Lauren
  10. The Lord loves me and forgives me! he always has and always will
  11. my aunt Dianna can go with us to pick up my hubby
  12. I was able to go through ALL our clothes and get way organized
  13. my husband made it back alive from Afghanistan
  14. we're done with deployments
  15. we are going to have a real-life marriage
  16. All the wonderful things we learned about each other, communitcation, marriage, commitment, and making it work in the first two years of our marraige
  17. the fun little ride my dad and I took in his new car
  18. the gastation gourmet we feasted(jalapeno corn dog anyone?)
  19. that my moms friend was ok after surgery!
  20. I still have candles left over from christmas that smell like cookies
  21. the cheap wine supply is holding up nicely!
  22. I've got some cook books coming from amazon
  23. My self esteem and the way I look and feel about my body have taken a turn for the better!
  24. I have plenty of supplies for plenty of creative projects
  25. I was blessed with some pretty good cookin' skills
  26. I have 21 followers on here :)
  27. that even after I'm off facebook I still have a few really good friends to chat w/via email&text
  28. that my storage shed can hold all of our old stuff Cough*crap*Cough
  29. that my car is still in wonderful condition
  30. I finally learned how to give myself a french manicure and it actually looks quite professional!
  31. I realize now how unimportant money actually is
  32. I realize how unimportant 'stuff' is
  33. I married my best friend
  34. that i found funny old pics of my hubby and i
  35. that I worked my butt off enough today and did good enough (in my humble oppinion) to deserve a glass of red wine before bed!
  36. that I'm off facebook
  37. I am finally starting to realize the depth of the Lord's love for me
  38. I have two different churches to attend that I Love!

Like I said, more happy than this girl could shake a stick at...and these are just off the top of my head!

Please Enjoy these goofy summer pictures!


Adam & Jasmine Zickefoose said...

If that's just off the top of your head, imagine how many more items could be added to your list if you took just 5 minutes to really think about it. Then how many more with 10, 15, 20!!!! The Lord is good. Sometimes, we just have to step back and really see/say "YES HE IS!!" :D

Anonymous said...

Lol I know! Gotta look at the good and realize how much we really do have :) my relationship with god (that just keeps getting better) all the family I'm blessed with, the close friends, my husband, his family, my home, For awhile I was getting so caught up in ridiculous things, Worldly things, Facebook, goodness knows what else and absolutely none of it really matters I'm so glad I'm getting 'better' :)

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