Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear God

Dear God,

Please help me.  Help me to STOP worrying about things that I have NO control over, about things that have not happened in and in all likely hood will not happen.  Please grant me the grace and calm that I need to just put it all in your hands (where it BELONGS) and to just let go of all the trouble, worries, fears, and run-away thoughts my emotions seem to be putting me through lately.  Help me to always remember that if it's happening then there is a reason, you never give me more than I can handle and I need to look at every sorrow, trouble, and worry and see it as the blessing and learning experience you intended it to be.  You are always with me, and you know exactly what I will do before I do it.  You know what will happen to me before it happens, there are no surprises in my life because everything comes from you.  You allow things to happen for a reason.  And maybe I won't understand it all right when it happens or while it's still going on or even after it's done but there is a reason.  You know every hair on my head and every breath that I take.  Even if I'm not putting down every worry in my mind and heart right now God there is no need you already know.  Please just help me to stay strong in whatever happens.  I need to just remember to cling to you, I need to remember to "Give thanks not for everything but in everything"
Thank you Lord for the life you've blessed me with.  Thank you for my family, and thank you for this opportunity you've blessed me with to lean on you and nobody else.

Love, Marie

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