Tuesday, January 3, 2012



It seems like 'Almost' is taking over my life...my house is ALMOST clean, it's ALMOST time for him to come home and for us to start our lives, I'm ALMOST done decorating, I'm ALMOST done fixing it up, I'm ALMOST where I want to be physically, I ALMOST got the fried chicken recipe right!  Gettin pretty tired of not quite being there yet lol but I guess that just means I need to push a little harder, clean a little more thuroughly, try a different breading for that chicken, stop watching the calendar and just pray and stay busy, and maybe just stay up a little later and get everything straightened out!...But it's never really as easy as all that ya know?  I know you do.


I miss my baby.  My hubby.  My best friend.  I miss the most obnoxious man on the earth...♥...but guess what?  He's ALMOST HOME!   Only about 4 more weeks till he's home...for good...wow...it hasn't hit me yet at all...and I'm trying not to stress or worry about anything and I'm actually doing pretty good!  To keep panic from setting in, or to keep me from going nuts what with it being SO close but still SO far away I've been making up a few lists (I know you're shocked)!  I made a list of things I REALLY want to get done around Fort Lester, but I'm not sure if I want to get them done before he's home or show him ALL the fun he's going to have for the next 60 years or so with me and what is most likely going to be an on going Honey-Do-List hmmm...maybe y'all can check on my list and let me know what you think I should do and what We should do?  Thank you!

                                 ♥...Paint the desk
                                 ♥...move some furniture in, out, and/or around
                                 ♥...paint the outside post and put 'Ft.Lester' on it
                                 ♥...fix curtains
                                 ♥...go through all clothes
                                 ♥...buy some new bedding (and wash the old and put it away
                                 ♥...fix up some special projects for the new frames!
What kind of stuff do you do with your significant other?  Or do you?  Maybe y'all like to do it seperately?  Or is it fun to do projects together?  Let me know!

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Nattybug said...

Okay first off, you are AMAZING. Almost can easily be pushed by you because you are extraordinary and I believe in you. Second, Fort Lester is just about the cutest thing I have ever heard. Lastly, I looove lists and probably make too many of them, lol. Four weeks! That is going to fly! Just like you said, stay super busy and it will help to pass the time away. Your to-do list sounds like a great way to do just that (keep busy).

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