Sunday, January 1, 2012

Barbarian Babes & My Self Esteem

*Be warned I get a tad graphic in this post but not all together inapropriate*

SO!  My little brother (when I say little he's 16 so assume what you will about his hormones) LOVES barbarian stuff like Krull and Conan and every other guy wearing fur with no shirt and screaming while throwing/and or weilding a spear or battle axe into unforseeable circumstances.  And I to can appreciate a barbarian now and again.  But one of his Christmas presents a movie called 'Fire and Ice' a cartoon about some barbarian type dudes...totally blew me away!  It was great!!!  I was shocked! 

Darkwolf ... totally my new husband if anything ever happens to Stephen ;)

Anyway I suck and can totally Not sum the movie up correctly, I cannot do it justice in anyway shape or form.  But it's great, google it or youtube it or whatever you have just DO IT.  Anyway the reason it's so awesome besides the story, the director, and the artist (again look it up) was...


...And before you ask, yes that is a girl and no I am not a a lesbian closet or otherwise.  BUT this lovely drawing did do something for me!  Something I aprpeciate SO much and I'm sure the artist had no intention at all of her doing that for people much less me.  By the way she's the girl in the black and white drawing at the begining of this post.  Here are some pictures of Teegra before I explain what exactly what she did for me!

So yes Teegra, obviously in all her glory and leaving little to the imagination!  More power to her, and yes I am well aware she's a cartoon and doesn't actually have a stand on her confidence leve or self esteem or even what she wears...leave me alone in my fictional friendship please&thank you..♥..anyway the longer I watched this movie and watched her bounce around in her barely-barbarian get up I started to think she doesn't look like cartoons now at all, in fact she's pretty damn realistic...I mean really her boobs aren't obnoxiously perky or anything they're semi-strapped down but deffinitely not help up there's a normal amound of sagging going on there (thank you gravity!) that us big chested girls deal with on the daily.  Then I started to think dang that girl's ass really just doens't stop does it?  She's got some thickkkkkk 'ol thighs on her to.  Not completely skinny and totally out of proportion like cartoons (and women) now-a-days.  I was totally into Miss Teegra, and I'm not gonna lie about 15 minutes later I went in the bathroom and did something I hadn't in quite a while got butt naked and looked at myself in the mirror and totally smiled...I kinda looked like Teegra, I mean my stomach is far from beautiful COUGH*or flat*COUGH like hers, but actually hers is nice and rounded, nice and FEMININE!  The more I stared, the more I realized I have a beuaitful body.  It's soft and round like a woman's should be I'm not insanely fat or anything but like my husband says Ive "got something a man could sink his teeth into" lol and I like that and Ahem, so does he.  For some reason this movie just made me look at my body in a different ass looks exactly like hers!!!  It is HUGE in a totally yummy way!  Hello new year and new confidence how are you today?  oh are you sexy like Meee? cool. 

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