Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Came&Went...♥

Well Christmas came and went!  It was wonderful this year, not a problem, no fights, no food fiascos, everything was wonderful!  It was awesome getting to see the family and watching everyone open gifts, my favorite parts was making the cookies of course!  I would upload pictures but I seem to have lost my iphone where they're all at (if you think about it say a prayer that I find it?) it's got pictures on it from all the important things, special moments, and just fun stuff that happened in 2011 and I would just be so sad to lose it and all those pictures and my muisc!  But it's in God's hands, even the little things we need to give to him so I'm praying about it and not wasting time freaking out!  It's almost January 1st and people are starting to work on their goal lists, and hope for the new year, and of course their resolutions...I never ever do those things...ever, but I'm thinking maybe this year I will...hmm, well on that note I'm off to ponder this further and pray some more! 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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