Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Needing you now

There is something about hearing my husband's voice on the phone and just knowing he's not ok or happy that he wants to come home more than anything but can't bring himself to say it because it just makes it worse in his eyes that makes me sit still and listen.  Even when he's not talking and just NEEDS to be on the phone with me.  Sometimes I forget that he gets in these moods where he needs to talk to me instead of vice versa (which is the Norm around our house) it makes me wish for the days I was all upset because he was out having fun and not wanting to talk to me, because it just kills me to hear him this down...I can just sense that the next few months until he's home will be ROUGH...he's  going to need so much love and so much attention and right when he's home he'll need it the most.  It doesn't matter what's on my to-do list, when the post office closes, what I was in the middle of doing...when I hear that tone in his voice I either crawl in bed with his old blanket or at least get comfy where I'm sitting and make sure he knows I'm right here.  Let him know he's involved, and sometimes I even need to let him feel in control of things going on at home that don't effect him that he would never normally care about or just something that makes no sense...but if it makes him feel better to disscuss and dictate the dinner menu I will do it for him.  If I am no forced to make twice baked potatoes because he LOVES them...but isn't here to eat them...but he still wants us to!...Then I have to ask...does anyone have a good and easy recipe for twice baked potatoes???

How do you keep your man going when he needs a pick me up??? Any of those recipes???

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Nattybug said...

You are a wonderful wife!
As far as pick me ups...I can't say I have any in the deployment category. :'(

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