Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Falalalalaing' in love at Christmas day2!

Well today is the 21st of December, two years ago today my husband and I went on our first date.  We went and saw Avatar (epic movie for a first date I was all about it).  We also had our first kiss in the rain.  And decorated my grandmothers Christmas tree!

Obviously we were just all about cuddling and kissing and staying as close as possible...♥

Today was kinda blah I was up at 3am cooking a birthday breakfast for dad before work, then it's been a christmas card continuation until I came a little unglued at the thought of writing our return address one more time...I took a break and the husband called then I got cuddled up in our bed and put on one of his christmas presents the first season of the 90's tv series Dark Angel.  Kinda was against it Jessica Alba isn't good for my ego ya know?  But it's a pretty good show and one that my hubby and I will deff get into together when he's home! 

...see her? yeah.  She is not a positive effect on my fragile ego.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!! Things totally improved!  Do you know how or why?  Probably not but I'm going to tell you!!!!!!!

MICHAEL WEATHERLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the main male role!  And he is SOOOOOOOO Hot and makes it a little better...ok alot better...but now my husband is totally ify on weather or not he wants to watch the show ;) muwahahahahahahahahha Payyybackkk baybay!..jk!

see this picture? because he's in not even staring at her ridiculously flat stomach and thinking 'I wonder how much it would cost to pay someone to shoot me or break my jaw so I can't eat anymore?' instead I'm like 'OOOOh like how cute he is in glasses!!!!'

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Nattybug said...

Okay I totally know how you feel about Jessica Alba because Ryan is in LOVE with her and it makes me crazy lol and then people tell me I look like her at least once a week and it makes me even more crazy because I don't see it at all and I know he digs her so much!

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